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Premium Wood-Look Tile

If you love the look of hardwood floors but worry about high-moisture areas and heavy use, look no further. Ed’s Flooring America in Hooksett, NH has a beautifully crafted selection of wood-look flooring ranging from wood-look tile to wood-look luxury vinyl. While traditional hardwood floors can be a costly investment and challenging to maintain, our wood-look alternatives can authentically replicate the look of cherry, birch, oak, elm, mahogany, and many more styles with unmatched resiliency.

While laminate and vinyl sheets have been associated with a mimicked wood appearance for decades, our materials have an uncanny resemblance to the real thing. Match the grain patterns, textures, knots, and whirls of solid wood with a product from our wood-look tile collection. Durable and thick, our products are sourced only from high-quality manufacturers thanks to nationwide 500-store buying power. Stop by our Hooksett location and begin viewing samples today! Our friendly and knowledgeable in-store associates are ready to answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Wood-Look Flooring

Consumer’s first thoughts of tile flooring are typically associated with glimmering marble floors, polished bathroom floors, or outdoor patio walkways. Although these types of tile are the most common, wood-look tile has emerged as a popular choice more recently in the flooring market. With advances in imaging technology, tile floors can now recreate alternative floor patterns and designs, including hardwood. Many customers have sought out this option to provide the charming, warm ambiance of wood flooring without the extra costs and maintenance.

For those who have witnessed the impact of water on wood, they know that wood can absorb moisture like a sponge, sometimes warping to twice its original size. For this reason, it’s easy to see why some homeowners are wary of investing in hardwood flooring for their homes--particularly in kitchens, bathrooms, or basements. But with ceramic, LVT, or porcelain wood-look tile, you’ll never have to make the difficult choice between practicality and aesthetics again. These highly water-resistant materials can go anywhere in your home without the worry of warping, displacement, or worst of all, damaged subfloors. Capable of withstanding intensive heat while fighting stains, scratches, or fade, our wood-look flooring is perfect for any home or office.

Selecting the Perfect Wood-Look Product

With so many brand choices and materials to select from, it’s important to understand the differences between all choices to best meet the needs of your design goals. Chat with one of our specialists at Ed’s Flooring America to discuss your current home scenario, daily use, and style preferences. From there, we can begin recommending products that will look great and last for years in your home. Some of the following wood-look flooring choices in our inventory include:

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Cut into the shape of traditional square tiles, LVT is constructed with a dense interior and strong wear layer. As the most affordable wood-look option, you’ll receive decades of use from LVT with its waterproof capabilities and firm yet soft outer layer. Gentle underfoot, this product also reduces noisy footsteps – a perfect quality for condo or apartment living.

Ceramic Tile

Crafted from the heat of a kiln-fried oven, ceramics are made with sands and clays from the earth. This natural material is perfect for flooring or even as a kitchen or shower backsplash. Customize your ceramic tile with a glaze or finish of your choice. Unglazed will give the rugged, botanical look that true hardwood has to offer.


Similar to the process of ceramic, porcelain is made in a kiln but requires a longer heating period for a tougher surface. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles should be properly grouted to prevent water from seeping through any gaps.

Final Installation & Post-Install Maintenance

When you’ve found the perfect flooring choice for your design space, be sure to schedule a professional installation with our team. Our technicians have experience in installing all of our flooring types available and are equipped with the most modern flooring tools and machinery. We’ll make it a point to arrive at a time that works best for you to minimize any household disruptions. Our flooring installations are backed by an Ultimate Confidence Guarantee: if you’re unhappy with your new floor we will gladly replace it for free with a similar product within 30 days of installation.

Following a completed installation, it is important to regularly clean and take care of your new floor. Cleaning will look different depending on which product and material you select. While hardwood floors involve a more delicate vacuum and specialized wood cleaners, our wood-look tiles are much lower maintenance. Soap, water, a mop, and a broom can be used on LVT, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. While LVT is the option with the least amount of maintenance, ceramic and porcelain don’t require too much extra work. Glazed tiles can be treated with a tile cleaner or strong solution all-purpose cleaner. Unglazed tiles are deep cleaned with paste, water, and scouring powder. Consult our team for specific product recommendations or check your warranty before the purchase and use of unfamiliar cleaning agents.


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